Admiral's Fleet

The heart of The Admiral Scaffolding Group Ltd beats regularly everyday in the form of the pistons of their fleet of vehicles.

Without tender loving care it is easy for a scaffold vehicle to be brutally treated with the resultant shorter than envisaged life expectancy. This in turn causes delays to contracts, costs in repair bills and general unreliability. Not a triumvirate that the Group wishes to experience.

To ensure that the vehicles get all the treatment they require the Group has invested in its own engineers. These are supplemented by a third party auditor who visits on a three monthly basis to randomly inspect the vehicles and confirm that the correct inspection paperwork and driver’s records.

To aid the efficiency of the fleet all drivers undertake an annual driver awareness course which aims to show them how to be more careful drivers, thereby reducing the stress on the vehicle, minimising the risk of accidents, reducing fuel costs – a saving to both the Group and the environment.

To view a full copy of our Fleet Safety Policy, click here