Admiral's Depot

The depot is the engine room of the Admiral Scaffolding Group Ltd’s operations!

Without a trained and dedicated depot staff the whole operation would collapse around the Group’s ears. It is imperative therefore that the whole procedure from ordering materials from site to loading them and transporting them is carried out in the most professional of manners. The whole depot is overseen by the Group’s Depot Manager. He and his staff will ensure that all vehicles are correctly and safely loaded and are hitched to their trailers before the depot opens at 6.45am.

Within the scope of duties for the depot staff are the general day to day inspection of all scaffolding plant. The checking of the suitability of the plant to be used without needing a service. The cutting back of damaged scaffold boards so that they can be used as shorter lengths. The disposal of waste efficiently by taking all metals to the recycling centre. Checking whether disposable items are fit for a second or subsequent use, thereby increasing efficiency and protecting the environment.